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Best Credit Repair + Tradelines + Max  Funding + Investments. Leverage, Compound ROI & Residual $$$

Bad credit holding you back? Well those days are gone many so called repair companies are out their but none of them can prove: WE MAKE MILLIONAIRES


Others Can't FUND which means they can't even do repair cause all the money is in the funding! Doing repair for repair sake is not how its done to set up for funding, but all the clueless idiot people out their remove one thing and think they sell credit repair & when done wrong they ll make it where the other 90% says on your credit for life. Learn the hard way and pay 3 or 4 moron companies then come to us and see how bad you got ripped off, lost time and got NO WHERE. Only takes up 1 year to 1.5 year to get a person a Million minimum as long as your doing your part 1M is still the bottom of low and the beginning for us to get you started. NO BS! ZERO BS.

Your money goes into ESCROW so if we don't deliver it goes right back to you, but we have never failed and will not, we been around longer then ANY COMPANY on the internet and can PROVE it VS just BS and SAY with all their lies and new ads that just popped up a week ago!

We Get People Into Many Big Things and keep them for years getting them to make unlimited money with the money we get them. Just on our Real Estate side Makes multi millions but that's not counting many other assets vehicles we help you with.

1. They cann't remove CHILD SUPPORT but we can! (even though it will still be owed and client will be responsible for it, but we are not talking about ethics only about the abuse of the credit bureau's and SOME times abuse of the family law sys which many times people who don't need money get it from the spouse and when one parent that does need it doesn't get it but that's whole other topic)

2. They cann't remove SCHOOL LOANS but we can!

3. INQUIRIES to opening accounts but we can!

4. LATE'S ON ASSETS such as Home or Auto's that are still owned and in your possession!

5. PROVE ANY type of FUNDING in which we can proof literally millions in funding for our clients. CLICK HERE NO OTHER REPAIR CO CAN PROVE ANY OF THESE!

That is our business model to invest our skills and time in the right clients and build them all the way to the top, and starting out with credit repair is some times how we can start. Others can't even do credit repair let alone prove that. We probably most very likely have more proof than any repair company out their to this day never have we encounter any that can prove A - D and if you want real proof you can talk to some of our clients that not only have we REMOVE EVERYTHING BUT WE ALSO GOT THEM MONEY BACK in range of $3,000 to $9,000 from the creditors, which NO ONE has proof of that but us.

Point is we are not here for anything but the long term funding which is fast and in high amounts. We are very good at what we do and have great connections on all levels clear up to the hedgefund, pension and large private portfolio lenders. We take a smart, aggressive, easy to work with person Ie not a cry baby or negative person ie one that thinks success is impossible when it is not and we can take them to the moon.

We can take off all negatives items such as (see proof below): Child Support, School Loans, All Inquiries, Charge Offs, Collections, State Tax liens, Federal Tax Liens, Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Judgments, Foreclosures, Settled For Less, Late's On Assets That Are Still Owned, Consumer Credit Counseling, Accounts Labeled As Potentially Negative And Any Other Type Of Garnishments. 

Call us today let us help you get in the game, we succeed when you succeed, we can fund like you have your one printing press and guide you into hot funding projects and developments as we get you past the basic easy 1 to 3 M range, we make our money when you get the big picture.

We can do everything with nothing from you if you have a 680 fico sometime less if you have a business we can do it with terrible credit and credit score doesn't matter.

Call us today 312-473-4163

Why You Don't Want To Go With Another Company.

We make millionaires out of credit repair clients. We are THE only ones with same phone and everything for over 10 years provably and that’s like a billion years in this scum bag liar infested con business.  They have to hide and call screen because their all full of shit, they don’t talk about funding which means they can’t even do repair cause all the money is in the funding.  The ones that do are just copy cats off of us but you’ll notice all the lame copy paste made fake website and weak sorry logo s and reads like every other site (generic with ZERO ORIGINALITY or paid actor fake testimonials)  with meaningless bs and has always brokers/affiliates wanted all is certain group of cons working for one main con that hides behind them so people don't recognize the biggest con s voice who is like the Bernie Madoff of financial services.

Mostly 85% to 90% all these idiots sending their deals to one main scammer queen con person then they get ripped off.  Thus these bottom of the daisy chain bottom feeder clown learned they can be scammed and can scam by the biggest con so this clown takes the dumb ass brokers money and clients’ money and strings them along so the losers clown want a be w the new cloned out copycat site usually selling tons of crap from corporate credit to trade lines or e books or just anything to get easy dollar cause they can’t fund s h i t.  Now these loser idiot tool bags that got ripped off by the biggest con sees how easy it is to lie and hide for money doing nothing pretending they have clue about anything.  So now both the new and old professional Bernie Madoff Scammer the biggest con both make new new websites and the newbie Cons take the learned knowledge of how to be a clown scammer and rips more people off and lies and does it again and again taking over being a scammer. 

Cheap repair companies use electronic dispute but that only removes 10% items and rest stay on for life and really jacks up a person.  Oh but one gets 10% results fast big deal cause it can’t fund so these clowns advertise how great they are take all this money and when enough clients wake up then this scammer rat makes another new flaky generic ad and website and does it again. 

We have made provably more millionaires then all the so-called providers who for a fact have never made one and definitely not made themselves shit for money but they lie and scam and copycat and rip off society.  They’re not even successful and yet they trying to help others be successful.
Our repair money goes into escrow and it gets done, funding unlimited, business development, guidance into real wealth and made into millions 

By way of Leverage, Compound ROI and Residual Income: 3 key principals NO ONE KNOWS about in this industry but us.  Some steal our words for their totally fake oasis flashy scammer retard traps for naive stupid consumers to learn the lesson in being scammed and after 3 xs they get ripped off all by same person with 3 different cookie cutter shit bag websites they end up here.  Their websites or ads or anything has no originality no depth to anything just all BS copy paste typical words with tons of FAQ s so you won’t call them BECAUSE they don’t want you not to recognize their scammer voice and phones all go to call screening hiding from who they ripped off. Therefore they try to automate so much so you don’t have ability to talk to them and realize its is same con stealing with new website.

We been around the longest cause we get our clients into proven things that makes them huge ROI in places where we have money. Our first company sold for 90 mil (provable) 12 years ago and we have been giving back so to say after realizing its more meaning then being all about an entitle money only shallow person, and children and of course God thus last 10 years we have been making others successful as we did which no other co out there has done or could do cause they have never made it big and for most part are completely stupid, lazy and only care about pretending and hiding to rip off clients. 

We have same clients and still funding them from 10 years at the highest levels. 

We have so much proof we don't post 95% of it but even what we do post is still 10 to 100xs more than any others out their especially because even if they do remove the easy stuff they can’t fund a happy meal.

The highest we have got one client was 1.3 billion no one in all this financial services has gotten crap for anything let alone that for a client who even had bad credit in the beginning too. 

Ok when your ready we get your life straight w Credit Repair will show how can make unlimited $ on top of $!  In funding, Investments and can set you up with corp funding: all ads to 500K-1M: 4xs a yr


MORE ABOUT CAPITAL CASH and how we do credit repair to millionaire.
We have successfully built a rich army of clients but we need more to train and make rich. We have made our first million at 32, first 90 million at 40, and you wouldn’t believe what we make now. If we have more key people we like to work with, we guarantee you will always be making more and more.  You will pass your first million fast, some in matter of months, some takes a year. We need people we can invest our time in and those that will listen. We can a make a dog a millionaire if it just listens. Most people are zombies and think they know it all, or can do it alone. Yet they always come back, either ripped off or they only got chump change.  They find out they wasted nothing but time and are way behind the eight ball.

We leverage people to leverage ourselvesWe need trainable minds that we can turn into Rich Financial Warriors, which are so set with expansive perpetual self-running money machine systems. We have built a Hedge Fund style Samurai network with clients who have accumulated real net worth. We have always done nothing but win, win. We are multiple levels deep, in maneuvering our clients, into the correct positions way way way ahead.  Long before they even see where we have them set up to make the financial profit kill. Others copy, but they have no brain, no mind, no knowledge, no inside intuition, no dimensions, no guidance from deeper wells of wisdom.

Others are the reflection rippling in top of sewer water. We are the ocean deep taking our clients to the promised land.

No we're not trying make up BS to get your money! We get you money! We don't need anyone’s money. We NEED those who had it and lost it. We NEED those that want the 2nd chance. WE NEED those that have the brain and a plan that we can explode into an empire. With our skills, we will put you in a systematic wealth creation perpetual machine.  Join The Capital Cash Team.

WE CREATE WEALTH for those with a BRAIN! We would love to BUILD YOU UP, BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FUNDS & GUIDE YOU INTO RE. We get our clients into MONEY FAST! We keep building you fast to next deal with using leverage. We get you max liquidity, max cash flow, and max EQUITY in all that we get you into.  We get you max holding and exiting portfolio building.

We fund you all way and get you in RE fast with management companies! We do for you what multi-millionaires do on a daily basis.  The only difference is, they are not telling anyone how they are doing it. We make millionaires and get people in big deals, 20M+ plus and smaller to this point, and then way bigger. We NEED people with a brain.  The joke is for real! It’s easier for us to get you in this side of being RICH, than it is for you to buy a 100K house. NO BS!!

One thing we can't fix is lazy, negative, ignorant brain washed loser. Those who find unluckiness, problems and drama will go backwards on their own. Because they’re stupid. 


RE 100LTV 15M + Equity, JV, VC, Or Private Money

PERSONAL FUNDING 100-500K 4x's a year
CORP FUNDING 200K-800K 4x's a year

CORP BUILDS 8 Tradelines Eq, Ex Pay After
CREDIT REPAIR + Tradelines + Funding

Capital Cash Ceo
Cell: 312-218-8737
Conference Cell: 312-550-3753
Office: 312-473-4163
Fax: 800-363-0079

Below are key components of scammers


Proof Video 1

Proof Video 2

Proof Video 3

Proof  Video What Our Clients Say 

How To Get Around Primary Tradelines & Get Primaries on your file

Why Primaries Don't Post & How to Get Around It Part 1

Primary Tradeline Solution Continued

Credit Repair Video Ad 1

Credit Repair Video Ad 2

Credit Repair Video Ad 3

Credit Repair Video Ad 4

The "Rock" Video Ad Marketing

 Turned BAD accounts to Perfect Pay history See Date April 5 then April 8 2019 (see date in top left) Reports! It did take 2 weeks but appears as if it took 3 days but it was fast but not that fast.

NO other company can proof thousands of dollars with their Business Card & NOT ONE CAN EITHER PROVE they have keys to an Enzo or any Ferrari, cause they can't FUND or even do credit repair or they would have tons of proof of funding! So dumb and see that you don't get crap in 1 year to 1.5 years & not 1M+ or be smart and get credit repair plus FUNDING, REAL money which is all that matters. Repair is fast & we get you in the money FAST & funding on the first clean burea & finish up the other two bureau's so funding can be as fast as 2 weeks. So listen BS new ads with hot air & NO PROOF of Crap or save your self the headache. If your too stupid to go with us don't cry when we tell you off later & don't even want to help you at that point. We only need few key people a month, the majority of people who can't handle 100K plus payments we don't want anyways.

As of 10/16/2018


Day Started June 1, 2018 (can provide way more proof & 100's of references)

AFTER only 4 days June 5th see below for INCREASE! Normally not this fast but still working on Experian on this file but NOW getting this client funding already! BABOOM!!


$600,000 - 50M ALL FICO

Down to 630 Fico Military, 640 Fico to Start,  700 Fico To $400,000
Or as low as one $500 credit card for a year then can get $50K 

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